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E-Learning & Mobile Learning Solutions

Our innovative, interactive, immersive learning content combined with effective pedagogy is a powerful tool for knowledge and skill enhancement.

Our e-learning & mobile learning solutions are aimed at helping organizations ensure that their people deliver sustained business benefits and return on investment.


Ekennis’s web based learning solution is a tool to increase workforce efficiency and enhance collaborative learning experience. This helps in creating business value, reduce implementation risk and accelerate product time-to-market. Ekennis provides “best-in-class” e-learning & mobile learning solutions to academic institutions and businesses that are looking for a secure, robust, and easy-to-use online training platform. We create custom e-learning content that stimulates employee creativity and fits perfectly into an organization’s infrastructure. We believe in the real value of technology in terms of new ways to deliver learning and create new business models.


Our learning solutions include:

E-Learning & Mobile Learning Solutions


Our web based learning management system helps in making learning easier by offering a large number of collaboration features such as messaging, groups, forums, blogs, discussions, tagging, rating, comments, etc. It also enhances peer to peer learning experience along with actively engaging people on an individual level. Progress is tracked and analyzed accurately using graphs, pie charts, histograms, spider charts, etc. Our SaaS-based platform eliminates costly installations and investments in hardware as it is web based. We provide end-to-end solutions starting from hosting, content management, updates to support

LMS includes customizable dashboards and robust custom-designed interfaces to design courses in a hierarchical and structured manner, with the flexibility to learn any time. Instructors can create groups and assign individuals on the basis of training courses, location, department, etc. Members of a group can share files, post updates, poll and chat with other members easily.

Effective usage of progress tracking also enhances learners’ success rates. Customized reports can be exported to various standard applications. Third party systems are also supported. The LMS incorporated powerful assessment and evaluation tools to measure learners’ knowledge. .

Learning Advisory Services

Our range of consulting-led Learning Advisory Services helps organizations define and implement its learning and development strategy. It includes:-

Custom Digital Learning: It ensures that the learning experiences are truly engaging, addresses your specific learning objectives and pain points, carry your organization’s brand identity and lead to faster adoption and improvement of performance.

Mobile Learning: It includes advisory, content conversion for m-devices, creating responsive e-learning content to building e-books, mobile apps, podcasts, mobile assessments and learning management system.

Interactive Learning Books: A blend of multimedia tools with cutting-edge learning technologies to create engaging and interactive ebooks. Our specialists address your creative and interactive print or digital media needs and deliver the best-fit solution, every time.

Learning Technology:

Technology can be a bottleneck in implementing your learning strategy roadmap. Investment decisions need to consider the costs of licensing, technology upgrades and changing business needs. Our solutions are designed to be scalable, agile and capable of meeting your current and future requirements. Our solutions cater for a wide range of workplace requirements including:


Managed and Cloud Hosting

Learning with


Social & Mobile Learning

Open Source Development

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